Find the <Exits. 

Alex Koi's solo project, find the <Exits., is grounded in improvisatory idea and navigates self-referentialism, consciousness, gender, and nature.  Utilizing looping methods, distortions, and alternative mediums, she creates a hypnotic atmosphere that breathes with its audience, communicating to the ear and to the body with both heavy, pulsating vibrations and tinkling considerations.  Notable travels of find the <Exits. have included a performance at the 2013 International Society for Improvised Music's New York City Conference, a seating as Guest Artist at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in March 2016, and a performance at the 2016 Detroit Free Arts Music Festival. 

detroit free arts music festival 2016, at spread art/detroit contemporary; improvisation; filmed by natalie grove

"see the arc of her bones" (excerpt)/free improv; ann arbor, michigan; raw footage by nicole buccalo, 2016

detroit free arts music festival, 2016.  footage, natalie grove.